Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS) and Upper Airway Physiology

Our lab focuses on disorders of nasal physiology and nasal breathing, particularly with regard to the debilitating disease termed empty nose syndrome (ENS). Our practice of >100 patients with ENS has allowed the design and validation of what are now considered gold standard subjective (ENS6Q) and provocative (nasal cotton test) tests to more accurately identify patients suffering from ENS.

Our validation study of the ENS6Q questionnaire was named the Best Clinical Research Paper at the American Rhinologic Society at the 2016 national meeting, and the cotton test validation received cover article honors. Through international patient assessment, we have also measured the functional and psychological burden presented by empty nose syndrome and have assessed how the nasal mucosa remodels in ENS patients over time compared to controls using imaging. We are currently assessing the benefit/impact of candidate treatments for ENS patients using subjective and objective outcome measures.


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